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Cable window displays to be more convincing.

Your shop need extra impact? Among the crowd outside, there are people willing to buy your products but just don’t know they exist. Some changes have to be done and Mustang Systems may have the custom solution. We offer easy and elegant cable window display system to help you make your window more remarkable. Show the best of you with cable systems that can discreetly but elegantly display your promotions. Whether big or small, most popular sizes of posters or leaflet will find their places on our cable window displays.

Mustang Systems’ systems are modular to offer you at any moment the custom solution you need. Boost your image and increase your impact with our cable window displays. They just require a little time to be fixed and to enjoy a totally flexible space to display your information.

Changed your mind? Use the provided allen key to modify your window appearance entirely. Put this ad on the left, move this poster aside, create surprise and a positive impact in just a few operations.

Season after season, you rethink your space and get the most of your cable window display. But why not changing also the space inside?

Mustang Systems doesn’t offer only cable window displays but a full range of cable display systems to give life to your walls too. Our range of products is full of complementary components to dispense leaflets or brochures or simply to enhance your visual and create a stunning effect. All kinds of combinations can be imagined. We have no doubt you will find the display you’re looking for.

Our products are made to allow an easy fixing whether you want your cable window display to be installed from wall to wall, from floor to ceiling or from floor to wall. And at any moment, you can ask us for advice or to answer your possible questions.

Don’t you worry, our instructions were made easy to follow even for anti-DIY people. Just go step by step and you’ll make it happen. We provide the Allen key necessary to tighten the cable and fix the clamps of your choice. In a little time only, you’ll enjoy a totally different working space and will see more and more people push your door. With little budget and great return on Investment, our solutions are the best for custom changes. What is more, Mustang Systems’ cable window displays are made to last. You’ll be enjoying their input year after year without having to dig any deeper into your budget.

This is why our kits are perfect for any type of enterprises and this is also why we are so proud of them. Our cables are only 1.5mm thick but are incredibly robust to support shelving system as well as heavy display holders. With discreet and classy fixings and standoffs, they are elegant and reliable at the same time. Our cable window displays are mainly made in stainless steel to ensure the perfect and long lasting lustrous effect.


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